It is a myth that cloud computing technique is trouble free. There are obviously vulnerability to this process as well.

Incidentally it should be worthwhile to mention that n moist of the cases the windows vps permits the linking of the clients’ resources with the virtual server. This is achieved by means of the virtual private server of the Windows and making use of the operating software from Windows only.

It should be well understood that the virtual server technology might also go wrong on some bad day. This would land the patron or clients into serious trouble if they abandon utilizing at least the minimum IT governance schemes altogether. The technology of cloud computing is such that the client cannot really visit the data center of the web host on every single occasion. These centers are generally not located so much nearby.

The principal nine reasons which can turn the cloud computing process haywire and the precautionary measures required are:

Human error might rank foremost among the reasons. The people who are working for the upkeep of the server need to be superior in efficiency.

Failure in the applications being utilized might result in prolonged downtime of the virtual server
Obsolete and very old machines might always be there at a data centre or within the server mechanism. A policy should be in place for routine monitoring and check of the machines. If requirement to that effect arises, then replacement should always be on the cards.

The host should negotiate properly the varying or shift in customer requirement, the items hidden in the network and the fluctuation in demand.

The public cloud server should be capable enough for adjustments in data carriage based on the changes in demand at the different hours of the day

The host is responsible for the paving way for the requirements in security and regulatory issues.
Applications of the third party should be monitored continuously and a befitting plan for contingency should always be in place.

Over and above to the above and as a direct corollary to them – many experts are of the opinion that like the one premise server – the virtual cloud server can always show different aberrations. The downtime should always be bare minimum. But the addressing of the server in cloud system is far different from the normal hardware or the physical in house servers. That is why all the above contingency plans have been included in the precautionary measures’ list.

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Linode reveals Linux Cloud Hosting Plan of $10 per Month with SSD Storage

Linode, the hosting provider has chalked out a pricing plan for ten dollars per month for their Linux-powered server that consists of high-performance processors in addition to SSD storage. Cloud host Linode reduced its price rates and price range on the event of celebration of its 11th anniversary. Users and client companies can, from this instant can acquire hosting plans on the Linux-based servers which comes with SSD storage and starting at a price as low as ten dollars per month.

This low priced offering was been able to achieve by means of a forty five million upgrade of the infrastructure of Linode in the month of April 2014, which in turn brought the facility of SSD storage to the servers of this company, as well as other features which are more RAM Intel, superior network throughput and along with (INTC) Xeon E5 2680v2 Ivy Bridge processors.

The company comments on the new pricing scheme or option which Linode is advertizing as a new and higher level edge over the existing competition, in particular to Amazon Web Services which is under the organization of Amazon(AMZ) as well as Rackspace (RAX as the outcome of the market demand. One of the top most request of the clients were making a ten dollars plan over the last few years hence when Linode found out that the market response was positive and quite overwhelming then it thought that it is time too boost the performance and to bring out the new plan which the clients wanted for such a long time – the ten dollars plan, was said by Tom Asaro who is the COO of Linode.

Direct comparison between Linode with AWS and Rackspace is not possible or even feasible as the superior hosting options and the cloud plans which Linode has are quite different and new than the other companies. But it is quite a true statement that Linode surely opens new and better chances for administrative who are selecting high end features and hardware in their Linux-based servers.

It is as well a suggestion of Linode’s idea which is based on money that within the cloud hosting market in the present day, users are mainly interested in receiving a large amount services for the value of money they are giving, not considering the service provider. In the past, the business strategy of Linode was based on providing hosting with extras customized for PhotonVPS.comLinux VPS centric administrators who required things such as CLI management tools.

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Web Hosting Features That Many Companies Don’t Give Importance To

130326152545-internet-tantrum-story-topWhen hiring a web hosting company or choosing a hosting plan, most companies tend to focus on the domain or domains, their charges, the bandwidth, the size of email storage, number of emails, uptime and the cost of the plan. These are the very basic features of any hosting plan and a company should be conscious of what they are signing up for. But there are many more integral aspects of web hosting which should not be kept unheeded.
There are scores of web hosting features that you must take into consideration before deciding on a particular plan or even a certain webhost.

• Can you migrate or switch your site to the new webhost without paying any additional charge? Right now, you may have an existing website or you may need a new website. If you need a new website then you would be launching a completely new site using your new webhost. But if you have a website already then you need to migrate or switch that website from your existing webhost to your new host. Many web hosting companies charge you for this. If your existing webhost charges you to transfer your site from them then you have already made a wrong choice earlier. You should ensure that your new webhost, the one you are hiring now, shouldn’t charge you to migrate your site to them or away from them later should you decide to go with another webhost in the future. In simple words, you should have a free migration, transfer or switching facility.

• Do you get access to the content management system and the control panel? A webhost typically operates your website content or regulates it using a content management system, which is also known as a CMS, and your entire account is accessed and managed using a control panel. This control panel gives anyone admin access to your domain, to your email addresses and the content management system to upload, change or remove any webpage and any content on your website. Some web hosting companies would never hand over the control panel and the content management system to you. There is no way you should have limited or no access to your own control panel and content management system to your own website. You should always have complete access. Webhosts typically restrict access or deny access to ensure that they play the role of a regulator or admin, which is acceptable if you are using your own servers to host but not when you are hiring a webhost’s services and paying for it.

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Benefits of Maintaining Managed Mail Hosting

What do we mean by mail hosting?

This is a service which allows receiving and sending mails from the mailbox which uses a similar domain name with that of the registered domain. If the domain is used for the business purpose, then separate mail ids can be created for each employee without setting up or configuring separatePOP3 and SMTP servers.

What is managed email hosting?

A managed email hosting service is an internet service which runs mail servers. We can enjoy the advantages of a large enterprise without having to bear the cost of purchasing equipments, maintaining them or running an IT department. Every little thing of the mail system like security, quota, protocols, DNS, protection from virus and spam, and redundancy is being taken care of by the hosting company. Hence we can ourselves see that the service provided by the managed email hosting companies differs a lot from that of the free mail services. Since bigger companies have their own email hosting service therefore these companies mostly cater to the small and medium sized businesses.

Advantages of managed mail hosting

There are many advantages of availing the service of these hosting companies few of which have been discussed below;
Gives protection against virus and spam.

Almost negligible downtime in case of hardware failure.

Access to almost every type of mail like Outlook, webmail, POP3, IMAP, SMTP etc. without any kind of advertisement.

It includes archiving and backups.

Corporate mails can be accessed at a significantly reduced cost.

Maintains robust management capabilities.

Centralizes all the mailboxes in a particular location which saves our time and money both.

Almost instant provisioning of fresh mailboxes.

Allows accessing the mail environment form any computer.

Looking at the above benefits what I feel is, maintaining a managed mail hosting service is worthwhile from the security point of view.

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Features Offered By Mail Hosting Companies

What is mail hosting?

It is a service which runs mail servers. Usually most of the web hosting companies provides us with email hosting too. But generally these web hosting companies furnishes us with only POP3 email and the basic protection against virus and spam. Only the small or medium sized businesses handle their emails by using the service of these hosting companies. But actually if we use the service of the professional hosting companies then we can devote more time towards our business while the professional company deals with the mail service.

Some of the advantages of using professional email hosting companies are unlimited forwarders, large attachments, unlimited aliases, online storage, protection against virus and spam, IMAP/POP3, mailing list, calendars, folder management, backups, contact management, archiving etc. Another added advantage of using their service is we can access the mails with the help of webmail or outlook from anywhere even from our Smartphones.

What are the features of email hosting?

The professional mail hosting companies provides us certain exclusive features like;
Managing multiple domains.

The mailbox storage quota can exceed by around 20%.

Replicated IMAP servers which provide uninterrupted service.

We can send or receive large sized emails.

Has a good control over the spam and viruses.

Supports email forwarding, auto responders,

Access to the address book.

Keeps informing about the virus infected discarded mails, rejected mails and delivery reports.

Additional options provided by email hosting

The email hosting packages allows its users to use a variety of options to manage and create internal mail addresses. Every popular email hosting packages allows POP access so that it supports all popular email clients like Eudora, Windows Mail, Outlook Express etc.

While selecting the mail hosting services what I feel is, it is always wise to check out the features the company is offering and whether they match with our requirement.

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Why Choose Paid Mail Hosting Services Over Free Mail Service

What is mail hosting?

Email hosting is a service which is very much in demand nowadays with the increasing use of email services. It is a very smart option for the business organizations for attracting new customers. The companies which offer the email hosting service have a large number of servers. They perform email functions on behalf of their customers. The functions can be simply of sending and receiving mails or even complicated like global searching and data processing. When these hosting companies provide us the service they should automatically agree to preserve the security of the email accounts of their clients.

Benefits of using email hosting services

Internet is one of the most common ways of communication used by both individuals and business associates. Since email hosting has a very important part to play in any kind of business setup, therefore these mail hosting companies are becoming very significant amongst the business organizations. Hosting the mail servers is not only a difficult and expensive job but requires professionals too for its management. Also a huge number of mail servers and software applications are required which proves to be very expensive; hence an external support from the hosting companies is very essential. Some of the chief benefits of availing the service of these companies are;

We get adequate storage space.

Our data is very much secured and no unauthorized person can assess it.

The hosting companies allow us to share the address book which is a very important aspect.

They keep our mailboxes secured of viruses and spam by filtering them.

The hosting companies are not only reliable but cost effective too.

The uptime is almost 99.99%.

We also get 24 hours technical support.

While running a business website according to me it is always advised that we go for a paid mail hosting service.

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Mail Hosting Is An Integral Part Of Webhosting

What is mail hosting service?

An email hosting service is an internet based service which manages the mail servers. These email hosting services differs from the typical webmail sites. They mostly meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses. The large business setups mostly have their own email hosting services which are run with the help of software like Postfix or Microsoft Exchange. Most of the email hosting service providers offers premium solutions for email. The technology used in various email hosting services usually varies with our needs. Most of the webhosting companies offer POP3 and webmail based mails.

Features of secure email hosting

It is generally considered to go for secure mail hosting which has the following exclusive features;

a) Email features

• PDA, Blackberry and iPhone compatible.

• Advanced protection against spam and viruses.

• Unlimited access to POP3/SMTP/ IMAP/Webmail access.

• Mailing list.

• Compatible with Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Outlook.

b) Client features which are web-based

• Drag and drop facility.

• Online address book.

• Searching and sorting.

• Full support of HTML support.

• Folder management.

c) Other exclusive features

• Total control of DNS.

• Control Panel which is easy to use.

• Compatibility of News Feed and RSS.

• No cost for setting up.

• Local support for email, chat, phone and web.

• Auto-responders on vacations.

• 24 hours backup and security monitoring.

Importance of domain email accounts

Ideally an email address should be logical, short and simple. But it has been seen that free mail addresses are usually long and confusing and they don’t have a personal touch too. While hosting for website of a business creating a good impression is very important. The mail id of a business enterprise should not only have the name of the company in it but also should be unique. A domain mail account gives us that complete control. It not only does the branding for the company but also proves its credibility. The domain name in the mail address establishes our presence in the internet. On receiving a mail from us some people may search a website by that name and when they see that such a website exists it proves that our services and products are authentic. Due to the increasing number of spam that we receive everyday from the free mail service providers, authentication plays a very vital role.

About PhotonVPS

It has been the leading service provider of reasonable VPS hosting since 2008. It uses the latest hardware, technology of virtual server hosting, a broad range of network and delivers a managed and semi-managed reasonable VPS hosting service. Clients have a choice between Windows and Linux servers. For Linux servers there are a huge variety of choices like Gentoo, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Open SUSE, ClearOS, Elastix, Debian, Fedora, PBXWare etc. They use distributed SAN for cloud server which offers high performance storage capacity for many critical applications. All its packages use SDD storage facility which provides best reading and writing performance. The disk performance of SDD is also superior. This server offers multi-layered security of our server and provides maximum uptime. All the virtual machines it supports are monitored 24 hours a day with the help of advanced monitoring system. When a particular server is down the system immediately migrates to the virtual server so that the uptime is maintained. Some additional features of this website hosting service is we get 24 hours technical support and a month’s money back offer too.

After going through this article I have got a clear idea about mail hosting and all its features that I should look for while availing the service myself.

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